Bar Arm Rests

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Your mother always said not to rest your elbows on the dinner table, but this isn't your mother's bar, it's yours, and that's why there are such things as bar arm rests. Bar arm rests are the moldings that attach to the bar itself, on the side of the bar where your customers would sit. These arm rests are custom cut for a tapered and rolling look that supports your arms or elbows comfortably. Most are also designed like real bar arm rests, enhancing your bar's authentic appearance.

Depending on what kind of bar you have in place, or are considering, you should choose bar arm rests that match in color and style. Most arm rests are wooden and come in 2, 4 or 8 foot lengths, but you can always cut them to specific size. You can also purchase these items made of solid oak or cherry wood for that beautiful natural finish, or choose padded types for added comfort.

Mounting and Staining Your Bar Arm Rests

After you have measured your bar to determine how many pieces (and at what length) you will need, consider several mounting options. Simple brackets are usually available with your arm rests, and any hardware store should also carry the extra materials needed to mount the rests to your bar. Remember to mount brackets underneath them to maintain a clean appearance, and always use wood screws, not nails, to get the most life from your bar.

If you are using wood, not padded, arm rests, then you probably want to select a finish that matches the decor or your bar and the room in which it sits. These arm rests are available in natural oak, cherry, walnut and pine finishes, but that doesn't mean you can't stain or paint your arm rests to add that extra touch.

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