Bar Equipment

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Once you have a bar in place, you're going to need at least some bar equipment. The first consideration should be the type of drinks you are going to be pouring. Different equipment is used for draft beer than is used for mixing cocktails or serving wine, for instance. If you are primarily a beer drinker, it might make sense to install a keg refrigerator and a tiered tap-style faucet arrangement to keep your keg cold and fresh.

Wine lovers have no fewer options among today's bar equipment. Wine chillers will cool a bottle of white in mere seconds, and there are all kinds of display racks for bottles of red you can install on the wall. If you're looking to serve a variety of spirits as well, consider investing in some simple bottle tops to preserve the bottles once they are opened. A variety of bar equipment is available to meet the demands of a variety of drinks.

Basic or Commercial Bar Equipment

Another consideration should be, how often will you be using your bar equipment? If you are planning on using your bar daily or hosting a lot of parties to impress your boss, you may want to consider investing in some commercial quality bar equipment that will last for years to come. Though commercial bar equipment costs more, sometimes the benefits are worth it. For instance, investing in a keg cooler might cost more up front, but in the long run your cost-per-beer may be much less using kegs than buying bottle after bottle.

If you want to keep things simple and less expensive than commercial applications, don't worry. A little can go a long way. Bar equipment favorites such as wire racking to hang your glasses above the bar require very little investment and look very professional. Stocking up on plastic beer pitchers, colored swizzle sticks, and a few brand name bar towels is a painless way to get your bar looking like a real bar in no time at all.

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