Bar Supplies

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you've ever spent a few minutes behind a real bar, you know that stocking the right bar supplies is about much more than beer, wine, and liquor. There are literally hundreds of bar supplies designed to make bartending easier and even, some might argue, an art form. Whether your home really needs a strobe light and a dancer's pole mounted to the ceiling above your bar is debatable, but the choice is certainly yours.

More importantly, bar supplies should meet a few simple criteria. Because bartending the bar in your own home is most likely not your real job, your bar supplies should work to make your life easier. Also, you don't need to buy a bunch of bar supplies you're never going to use. Bartending is about entertaining a variety of customers, but that doesn't mean you have to stock every drink and gadget to please the world.

Essential Bar Supplies

While this is not a complete list of bar supplies, it should cover the basics to get you up and running. Assuming you have your bar set up, you're going to need something to drink. A selection of at least one red and one white wine is key. Two or three types of beer is nice. The basic liquors (whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, scotch, and tequila) and their accompanying mixers (club soda, water, ice, juice and tonic) will please your patronage. Condiments such as limes, lemons and cherries are easy finishing touches (especially when placed in a real condiment holder).

Next you will need the hardware portion of your bar supplies, most importantly, glasses to drink all these concoctions from. Having an assortment of wine, water, shot, beer and cocktail glasses not only looks good, it makes you look sophisticated. A corkscrew and can opener are paramount. A blender is handy for daiquiris or margaritas. A pitcher or two works well for beer. Straws, swizzle sticks and napkins keep the party happening and clean. If you're looking for additional touches to go the extra mile, consider also a martini shaker, ice bucket and crusher, ashtrays, snack bowls, and a few bar towels with your favorite brand names on them. Signs, lights, and special drink pourers will also keep your bar more functional and professional looking. There are many more bar supplies available, the number of them depends only on your budget and your imagination.

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