Beer Tap Handles

Written by Christopher Ransom
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One of the most fun ways to customize your bar is by adding beer tap handles to your beer faucet, or tap. The beer tap handle, sometimes called the faucet handle, is the vertical standing handle that the bartender pulls downward to release the stream of beer from the tap and into your glass. Beer tap handles in bars commonly display the brand of beer to let the patrons know what types of beer are available and also to help the bartender make a quick identification and pour you the right beer.

In the home, since you're probably not going to be stocking too many beer brands to keep track of, the beer tap handle is also used to create an image or style statement about your bar. Beer tap handles in the home come in brand names and logos too, but you can also choose from a variety of more ornate wooden, metal or plastic handles that feature everything from Harley Davidson Motorcycles to baseball bats to scantily-clad dolls.

Adding Beer Tap Handles to Your Bar

Installing beer tap handles to your bar may be as simple as using your hands to unscrew the existing tap handle from the tap and then screwing on the new tap handle. If you do not already have a beer tap mounted to your keg or refrigeration unit, or above the bar, you'll have to install a draft beer tower first. You may need a wrench to install your new draft beer tap, too, so make sure to ask your supplier about the type of handle you are buying, and what it will take to get the job done.

Beer tap handles are relatively inexpensive, ranging anywhere from five dollars on up to fifty dollars or more, depending on how custom you want to go. There is an entire market of beer tap handles for collectors of rare and antique handles, too, so feel free to shop around spend as much or as little as your heart desires. Just don't forget to make sure your tap handle is threaded to fit your tap tower first.

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