Bottle Openers

Written by Christopher Ransom
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You already know what they are, but you probably didn't realize what fun bottle openers could be. There are almost as many types, styles, and logos of bottle openers as there are types of beer, and using them will save you a fortune on dentist bills. While having at least one bottle opener handy is a must for any bar, having two or three makes even more sense, especially one that's mounted to your bar. After all, when the party gets going, stray accessories tend to get lost.

A simple bottle opener like a church key bottle opener is a flat piece of metal with a curved head at one end and sharp end for puncturing cans. Other manual bottle openers have a round and sometimes toothed head for gripping bottle caps, and come in a huge variety of colors, many with the beer brand name printed on them. The best kind of bottle opener is the kind that requires only one hand, and that is the mounted bottle opener that attaches to the bar or a wall.

Mounting Your Bottle Openers

Having a mounted bottle opener is handy for several reasons. First, all you have to do is hold the bottle cap under the opener, hook the cap, and pull back, releasing the top. For busy bartenders, this is a big help. Secondly, a mounted bottle opener is usually placed over a sink or trash bucket so that the cap falls right off into the trash, and any spilled beer with it.

When mounting your bottle opener, make sure that the surface wall or part of your bar that you're mounting it to can withstand a lot of use. You don't want to rip a hole in your wood paneling. To do this right, you're going to want to make sure the wood surface is at least half an inch thick and that you use wood screws. If you are mounting into a plaster or dry-wall, such as is common in your house walls, make sure to use anchor bolts or molly bolts. Professional bottle openers are as cheap as five bucks and stainless steel bottle cap catchers can be had for around twenty bucks.

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