Cocktail Shaker

Written by Christopher Ransom
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James Bond probably deserves most of the credit for making the cocktail shaker famous. But cocktail shakers are used for much more than shaking martinis. In addition to their decorative value, shakers are used to precisely mix everything from apple martinis to whiskey sours. Cocktail shakers are cylindrically shaped, usually made of stainless steel or other metals, and use a strainer and top to cap off the container allowing you to shake your drink mix with ice to create the perfect blend.

The three main components of the cocktail shaker are the cup, which can be as small as 10 ounces or as large as 32 ounces. Inside rests the strainer, which comes in handy when pouring the drink, straining out ice, juice pulp, or any garnishes that have been added to the mix. Next is the top, which screws on or is held in place manually during the shake to ensure that your drink doesn't wind up all over the bar.

Types of Cocktail Shakers Products

The standard shaker is stainless steel, but there are also plastic or combination metal and plastic cocktail shakers available. Some cocktail shakers come with added features built in, such as a shot glass inside the top or lines inside denoting measurement levels for specific drink recipes.

Putting your cocktail shaker to use is simple and, when done with care and deliberation, lets your patrons know you take their requests seriously. To mix a drink using your shaker, the first step is adding the ice. Then you will want to add the specific measured amount of liquor and other mix, such as vermouth or juice. Securing the top, you're ready to shake. The resulting benefit here is, when shaken vigorously, the ice cubes are broken up to add splinters to the drink which pour through the strainer, creating a drink that is mildly diluted and cold without ending up "on the rocks."

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