Draft Beer Refrigerator

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you've decided that having draft beer in your home bar is a must, you're going to need a draft beer refrigerator. These refrigeration units are designed to hold one or more kegs and are generally shorter than a standard refrigerator and come in two basic styles. First is the stand-alone draft beer refrigerator, which can be rolled under a bar or set against a wall behind the bar. The other is the cabinet or under the counter beer refrigerator, which is designed to be installed more or less permanently into a cabinet, like your dish washer in the kitchen.

The benefits of having a stand-alone keg refrigerator are that they can be moved regularly for cleaning and that they are usually less expensive than under the counter models. Both types offer a front door that opens for you to load the keg, and the keg is connected to the draft tap hose, which feeds up through the top to the faucet tower. Some units come with their own sink built in, which is well worth the price considering the clean up associated with drippy faucets and overflowing glasses. In other words, you will spill some beer, no matter how good you are!

A Multiple Draft Beer Refrigerator

Multiple draft refrigerators are larger and usually more expensive because they are designed to hold two to five kegs and may come with two or more taps to dispense different brands of beer. Multiple fridges usually cost over a thousand dollars and are designed to meet commercial standards for heavy use and long life.

Any draft beer refrigerator will benefit from an accessory kit, especially when you're using multiple keg fridges. These accessory kits include the extra hoses, taps, fittings, and CO2 regulators to keep your beer lines clean, secure and flowing. Accessory kits are available for a couple hundred dollars, depending on your needs.

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