Draft Beer Taps

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you're planning on serving just one type of draft beer, the abundance of single draft beer taps on the market leaves you no shortage of choices. The height of the draft tower and the type of metal used play a role in the look of your taps, but here your choices should be based on what size fits your bar and refrigeration unit first. As for color and character and style, the hundreds of different tap handles that go on top of the faucet can be changed as often as you like.

Another inventive addition to your draft beer taps is the fire hydrant tower wrap. This is a vinyl wrap that slips over the tower of your tap and is usually bright red, shaped just like a real fire hydrant. Fire hydrant tower wraps are made to fit a variety of tap towers and can be cut to size.

Multiple Draft Beer Taps

Some of the more high-end draft beer taps in use these days are T-towers and cobra towers. T-towers are draft beer taps that use a single tower that rises out of the refrigeration unit, then split at the top like the letter "T" to carry beer to multiple taps. T-towers may have anywhere from three to twenty or more taps, and are designed to pour as many types of beer. The cobra style draft beer taps get their name from the chic riser design that fans out like a cobra head. Cobra towers handle multiple taps or faucets too, but usually no more than half a dozen per cobra head.

T-tower draft beer taps are more expensive than single tap towers with only one faucet. Prices generally range from a couple of hundred dollars on up, depending on the number of faucets and hoses you will need for your different types of beer. The cobra towers are a bit more expensive too, simply because they are crafted out of single aluminum sheets that are shaped and bent in a very "European" stylized manner. But they sure do look nice!

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