Home Bar Equipment

Written by Christopher Ransom
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With the wealth of home bar equipment available to you today, there's no reason your bar can't look and function every bit as well as a commercial bar. With size and budget as your only real limitations, remember that getting your bar up and running doesn't have to be done overnight. Barkeeping can be a hobby like any other, one that grows with your interest over time.

Some of the more authentic home bar equipment that will keep your interest up as your drinks evolve includes the bottle rack and the bottle well. While many bars keep the liquor up on the wall where everyone can see it, behind the bar lays a secret wealth of bottles containing booze, condiments, soft drinks, whatever you like.

Home Bar Equipment--Bottle Racks and Bottle Wells

Bottle racks or speed racks mount to a wall or hang over a ledge of your bar, usually at waist level, and will hold half a dozen or more liquor bottles. The name speed rack refers to the need for bartenders to keep their most popular liquors close at hand so they can serve at high speeds.

The bottle well typically holds an individual bottle and is handy for storing a bottle in the ice bin without damaging the label. Cutting holes in your bar or bar shelves will also make more storage space for bottle wells and racks. Not all home bar supplies are industrial or commercial, though. Try adding your own touches of home to personalize your bar, using anything from antique lamps to family photos so you don't forget the important things in life.

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