Ice Crusher

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Cheaper than an ice-maker, subtler than an ice pick, and quieter than a blender, the ice crusher is another cool appliance for your bar. Ice crushers are stand-alone appliances, some electrically powered, others featuring manual cranks to get the job done. Most are about the size of a blender, and they are available in a variety of styles, some even "retro" that recall the days when electric blenders were a luxury.

One of the more cleverly designed ice crusher models uses a suction cup at the bottom of the unit, allowing you an extra free hand that would normally hold it in place. The suction cup attaches to any flat and smooth surface, such as a counter top or bar.

Why Use an Ice Crusher?

The appeal of the ice crusher is equally split between the yummy style and the sensible purpose. Some people just can't get enough gadgets into their bar, for one. But the fact is, some drinks just taste better when you use smaller bits of ice that melt easily and don't bang into your teeth.

Another ice crusher that is not only an ice crusher is the cocktail shaker. When you shake this baby hard, and I do mean hard, you will in fact be splintering the ice into tiny shards that chill your cocktail fast. Even when you strain your ice, as is common with martinis, the added benefit of the tiny ice shards is that it dilutes the potency of the gin. And believe me, even if your guests are too macho to mention it, they will appreciate your kinder, gentler martini.

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