Written by Christopher Ransom
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It's hard to say who exactly was the genius that invented the kegerator, but genius he or she was. The kegerator is sort of a slang term for the keg fridge, combining the terms keg and refrigerator as if they were meant for each other, which to the beer enthusiast they kind of seem like they were.

This is another way to keep your keg cold. Priced well below the cost of a real keg refrigeration unit, the keg cooler jacket might be called the poor man's kegerator. The keg cooler jacket is a canvas bag that fits around your entire keg. For best results, put your keg inside of a plastic bag, like a heavy duty and large plastic trash bag, then slip the keg cooler jacket around the bag. Once everything is tucked inside, fill the plastic bag with ice. The keg cooler jacket will keep the ice snug and durable. The keg cooler jacket is perfect for picnics or any event where you need to keep your keg for only a day or two.

The Poor Man's Kegerator

If the keg cooler jacket is a step below the kegerator, the poor man's keg cooler jacket would then be the simple plastic trash bag filled with ice. This, however, is impractical bordering on idiotic, mainly because the bag is likely to rip when ice is added and without any sort of insulation, the ice will melt fast.

If you're really strapped for cash and need a way to keep your keg chilled, find a plastic trash bucket, like Rubbermaid makes, and set your keg in that. Just remember to wash the trash out first. It makes for a better smelling picnic.

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