Metal Bar Stools

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Where would the world be without the staple in every bar, the metal bar stool? Well, for one thing, there wouldn't be that wonderful screeching sound that warns you when the ugly dude at the end of the bar is coming to beat you up. But seriously, the bar stool comes in many shapes and sizes, and somewhere out there is the right style for your bar.

How many bar stools you add depends on the size of your bar, but it never hurts to have extras. Metal bar stools, those with metal legs and either wood, padded vinyl or fabric tops, are available in nearly a hundred color schemes to fit your bar's theme or ambiance. Choose red vinyl for a cool retro look or maybe a solid oak finish for that darker setting.

Metal Bar Stools--Put Some Swivel In Them!
Bar stools with swivel tops, tops that spin, are that much more cool. If you have a lot of wood in your bar, consider also bar stools with backs, also known as chairs. You can even find chairs with a high seat, designed specifically for bars. With today's wholesalers reaching out to the bar-building public, you can find just about any barstool you've seen in a bar to outfit your home.

When shopping for metal bar stools, or wood for that matter, it makes sense to invest in quality. Barstools live a life of dragging, kicking, falling over and they must bear the burden of what is sometimes a great weight: the human body. The last thing you want your guests to experience at your bar is that unsettling swaying feeling before they are even drunk. This swaying effect comes from cheaply made barstools that flex and cause the hardware holding the legs together to loosen.

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