Pub Tables

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If part of the charm of having your own bar is achieving authenticity, then consider pub tables an easy way to add to that charm. You know those little tables big enough for two people to eat dinner at, the ones bar people crowd around, knocking their beers down and spilling little baskets of pretzels as they sing songs and eventually try to dance on? Those are pub tables.

Pub tables are usually round and measure only about two to three feet in diameter. With their small size and relatively light weight, pub tables are an easy addition to just about any room and can be removed when the party is over. Pub tables are also available as one piece or two, so you can reverse the tops or dismantle as needed.

Pub Tables--A Place to Put Your Snacks and Drinks

Pub tables usually have solid cast iron bases and stand about thirty-six inches from the floor, sometimes a little more. Cost varies, but don't expect to pay much more than a hundred bucks per table, a small price to pay for authenticity.

Placing a basket of chips, peanuts or popcorn on your pub tables completes the effect. Looking for a romantic evening for two? Dim the lights, throw a checkered table cloth, a couple of candles, and some spaghetti bowls on your pub table and you've got yourself a cozy Italian dinner setting. Now where is the waiter with your wine? Oh, right. That's you!

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