Refrigerator Conversion Kits

Written by Christopher Ransom
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If you've been considering setting up your bar or kitchen for draft beer but feel that it's too much trouble, or maybe you don't want to spend the money on a new refrigeration unit, you can convert an existing refrigerator into a draft beer dispense by installing a refrigeration conversion kit. You're still going to need space for a keg, however, so don't throw out your wife's homemade meatloaf just yet.

Some refrigerator conversion kits include everything you need to set up a "kegerator" except the keg and the refrigerator. This implies the tap, hoses, faucet, CO2 canister, shank, couplers and even wrenches--basically all the hardware. Other refrigerator conversion kits may include only some pieces you will need, so make sure you ask questions and get the right kit before you start drilling holes in your fridge.

The Lazy Man's Refrigerator Conversion Kits

There is even a kit for the "lazy" beer drinker in you. In this type of refrigeration conversion kit, you will find only the CO2 canister, the connecting hoses, and a tap and faucet. There are no hoses or shanks to run through your refrigerator door; just open the door, hook it all up to your keg, close the door, chill, open door and pour yourself a beer. Repeat as needed.

Your refrigeration conversion kit should come with detailed instructions, but a reputable site selling keg supplies should also allow you to view simple instructions online, or order a copy over the phone. You can find a lot of helpful information and discount supplies online. Learning more about this topic can be rather rewarding!

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