Tall Bar Stools

Written by Christopher Ransom
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When considering the layout and dimensions of your bar, you may find that you need tall bar stools to keep your patrons seated at the appropriate height to your bar. Not all bar stools are created equal, but generally bar stools are taller than your average chairs, and some are even smarter. If you're not sure what height is appropriate for your bar stools, you may want to measure from the floor to the top of your bar first. Having these dimensions handy when you talk to a supplier will help you make the decision.

Generally, most bar stools are approximately thirty inches tall. Bar stools forty inches or taller are generally considered tall bar stools. Anything in between is, well, just another bar stool. If you're going with tall bar stools, especially anything tall enough so your your feet hang down and don't touch the ground, consider buying bar stools with backs, like a chair has. The added support will make for a safer environment, and bars can never be too safe.

Other Factors to Consider for Tall Bar Stools

You may want to consider if anything will be hanging over the bar in the vicinity of people's heads. Make sure that wine rack, track lighting, or neon beer sign isn't going to bump someone in the head when they sit in your stools.

Also, if your bar features arm rests and foot rails for added comfort and appearances, it might make sense to combine them with bar stools that allow you to rest your feet and arms without stretching you out. A bar is supposed to be comfortable. Choosing the right combination of bar stools, railings, and arm rests will ensure that your bar is a place to turn to for comfort.

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