Taps For Beer Kegs

Written by Christopher Ransom
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Another type of beer tap that is simpler and usually less expensive than a full beer tap kit is the picnic pump. Again, harkening back to your last fraternity party or family reunion, the picnic pump is the simplest type of tap for beer kegs that is designed more for short-term function than for aesthetics or long-term use. While a full beer tap kit attached to a refrigerator might keep your beer fresh for as long as three weeks, taps for beer kegs are usually designed to be used for events where the entire keg will be used or discarded after one or two days.

Picnic pumps and other simple taps for beer kegs are available in two common styles. The better of the two is the vertical pump, which as its name suggests has a metal vertical extension that rises directly up from the keg and usually features a tap faucet and tap handle for a higher quality draft pour. The second type does not include a vertical riser and the faucet is more often just a simple nozzle at the end of the hose. Both types of these taps require manual pumping to inject air pressure into the keg to keep the beer flowing.

Types of Taps for Beer Kegs

Picnic pump-style taps come in several varieties. The simplest and probably the cheapest is the bronco pump, which is a short stocky plastic appendage that attaches directly to the keg. The bronco pump has a plastic hose and levered nozzle for dispensing beer and a flat plastic cylinder that you pump down to add air pressure to the keg.

If you are using a picnic pump for a one day event but still want the best quality pours, you can use a CO2 (carbon dioxide) tank as a separate appendage. While these tanks are more expensive to rent or purchase, there is no doubt that the regulated CO2 is less prone to excessively foamy pours and therefore wasted beer.

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