Written by Patricia Skinner
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For anyone building or renovating a bathroom for a disabled person, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA Home Page, can be a great source of information. In particular, a document called ADA standards for accessible design can be tremendously useful. In the form of a downloadable .pdf file, this will provide guidelines for anyone interested in providing the best services possible for the disabled.

ADA Resources

The ADA provides information on windows, doors, toilet stalls, bathtubs, sinks, handrails and much more for free. For anyone who is newly disabled or who has never thought about the practicalities of bathrooms for the disabled before, this information can be a great help as well as helping avoid very costly mistakes. For anyone building public bathrooms or facilities that may be used by disabled persons though, the ADA guidelines can provide more than just practical help.

With the increase in legal action being brought against those who fail to adequately provide for, or consider, the needs of the disabled, a business owner or anyone responsible for public facilities needs to cover him or herself in this regard. Adhering to ADA guidelines and regulations will provide protection against all possible legal action that could be brought as a result of a public facility that is not accessible to the disabled.

The ADA technical assistance CD can also be purchased from the organization's website. This will be invaluable for architects and designers or any firm that is regularly involved with building or designing public facilities, including entrances and bathrooms.

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