American Standard Toilet

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The American Standard toilet is primarily designed for ease and cleanliness of use. Their designs are a dream to clean due to the smooth lines; no difficult to clean corners here. With fast, quiet valves, your flush system won't keep you awake at night, nor will it keep you waiting if you need to flush in a hurry.

The Practical American Standard Toilet

As the American Standard toilet company puts it themselves: "we literally reinvented the toilet." What they mean by this is that they have put a totally new system inside the tank which has made the flush mechanism a lot more reliable, eliminating clogs, overflows, plunging, repeated flushing, and even more annoying, expensive repairs. This powerful flush is all it takes to keep things clean and sweet.

If those reasons aren't enough to send you in the direction of an American Standard toilet, then perhaps the good looks will. The Champion, while not a design to steal everyone's heart, is practical and solid. Admittedly, buyers choose this one because of its supreme functionality, but it has clean lines too. The Reminiscence takes us elegantly back to a time when style was standard. This is a style you'll choose if you want to create a period look.

Another great design is the American Standard toilet Antiquity. This one piece product is at once modern and antique looking. The one piece style is unmistakably up to date, while the antique look will blend with your classic decor.

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