Awi Specifications

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you've ever wondered what AWI specifications are, you'll be comforted to know that they are there to insure that all customers to the architectural wood trade can achieve satisfaction in the goods they buy. The Architectural Woodwork Institute lays down guidelines for standards and procedures in the woodworking industry, and has done so since 1953. Their help extends to helping members achieve success in their businesses, largely through the benefits that accrue from a reputation for the finest workmanship.

Significance of AWI Specifications

Manufacturers and suppliers who work to AWI specifications aim for the highest standards in the business. Any business that complies with AWI specifications can be relied upon to produce good products and give good service. These specifications extend to all wood products including architectural woodwork and laminates. The institute holds itself responsible for the high standards of members, and the industry as a whole.

Far from resting on their laurels, members are strongly encouraged not only to comply with AWI specifications, but to strive for constantly higher and higher standards in their profession. The AWI offers excellent educational courses and quality certification. Another important service is that they undertake to put customers in touch with members too. In this way they offer an important service to the public as well as the profession. A customer choosing to do business with a member of the AWI can be assured of certain standards that will give them security they wouldn't get otherwise.

A good resource for information on AWI specifications, apart from joining the AWI, is the institute's magazine. Their Design Solutions magazine offers design solutions and useful guidance for businesses. Members can also enter themselves for AWI awards for excellence programs.

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