Bar Sink

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you've been searching the Internet unsuccessfully for a bar sink, it's probably because you're using the wrong terms. This special category of sinks is usually lumped together with other difficult-to-categorize sinks under the heading "special purpose," or utility sinks. Like any kind of sinks, you can find a bar sink in almost any size or shape, though they tend to be small and round to more easily fit into a confined space.

Even if your sink is necessarily small, do try and make it as deep as you can to accommodate more. For this reason, square is actually probably a more practical shape than round. Though stainless steel is probably the material of choice for a bar sink, you can find one in just about any special material, including polished brass if you want to create a theme for your bar.

Alternative Uses for a Bar Sink

Though you wouldn't think it, there are other uses for these small sinks intended for use in a bar. You can add them to your kitchen counter as a small sink to wash fruit and vegetables, or any other food preparation task. This can be invaluable if your other sink is busy. In addition, a bar sink is perfect for use in a tight space, such as in the laundry room for example.

Although you can use just about any kind of faucet with a bar sink, do make sure you have enough room to wash glasses comfortably. Glass is delicate and a faucet that is the wrong shape or in the wrong position could spell disaster. You might have to experiment a little before you find the right faucet for use with a small, shallow sink.

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