Barrier Free Vanities

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Barrier free vanities are any kind of vanities that comply with the guidelines for barrier free design. They can be used freely, either as part of a project for barrier free design, or otherwise. The focus of barrier free design is to make an environment as accessible as possible to any category of handicapped person, so any advance in this direction is an advantage to public bathrooms of any description.

Why Not Barrier Free Vanities?

Since often barrier free vanities and other bathroom installations are just as attractive in the form of barrier free as regular designs, there's no real good reason to create any kind of a public restroom that is not barrier free. The remaining pockets of resistance regarding the acceptance of barrier free design are largely due to prevailing misconceptions about how much it will cost and how barrier free bathrooms can look. In reality, the cost is likely to be very similar whether a bathroom is barrier free or not.

Barrier free vanities come in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes, just like non-barrier free. Choosing to create an accessible facility will not restrict design capabilities in any way. In addition, everyone benefits from a facility that is planned to be as convenient as possible to anyone that may have the slightest degree of difficulty getting about. This kind of public consideration builds goodwill and good relations between all sectors of a community.

All kinds of barrier free bathroom design items, including barrier free vanities, are available at no extra cost to enhance any building, including your home, schools, businesses and other public buildings. If you're working on project for a public building, remember that creating a barrier free environment may not just be a matter of philanthropy. It could be that your building needs to comply with any one of a number of human rights legislations, such as ADA for example.

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