Bathroom Decor

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom decor is often at the bottom of the list of priorities when it comes to home decorating. Many feel it is not important to spend the time and money on a room that no one sees except you or your family. The guest bath is usually given attention to more detail than the master bath. This is unfortunate, since you are the most important person in your home and it should be nice just for you. Others do not decorate the bathroom simply because they do not know what to do in a small space to make it attractive.

Bathroom decor can be as easy as picking out the right fabric for window treatments. This should be coordinated with the shower curtain. The bath towels and hand towels should complement the fabric in the curtains. A simple complement to the fabric is to take one of the subtle colors for painting the walls. Bathrooms are usually rather small so it will not take much paint to complete the job.

Bathroom Decor Challenges

Bathroom decor can be as simple as changing the light fixture to something unique and eye-catching. You can add elegance or character with such a simple change in lighting. If there is a plain mirror, dress it up with a frame. If you have room to place a live plant, it is always a great addition to any room.

Dark wood gives a small room a closed feeling. Consider either painting or changing woodwork to a lighter shade and dress up the cabinetry with new knobs and handles. You can even make an attractive display of your lotions, shampoos, and soaps by grouping them in a basket. This is space-saving decor that serves a dual purpose.

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