Bathroom Doors

Written by Adriana Umana
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Kitchen and bathroom doors are more likely than anywhere in the house to require customization, as it is here that architects most often make cuts if space is limited. This means that if you are changing your kitchen or bathroom design, or remodeling, you will often need to look for special alternatives. Often, the space is not limited in the bathroom itself, but rather in the hallway. Bathroom doors that are larger than necessary will require a larger swing area and may obstruct a narrow hallway. Opening inwards is often not an option.

Fortunately, any company that provides architectural paneling will often also supply custom kitchen and bathroom doors, in very attractive panel styles, or any other style you have in mind. Remember that as long as you're replacing doors, you may as well take the opportunity to improve the look of your space as much as possible. You can match the style of the door with your decorating scheme, and pick a color that best enhances the overall look.

Alternative Bathroom Doors

In very tight spaces, it is not always possible to fit a regular door. Homeowners have a number of choices here. They can choose to fit a sliding door or a concertina door or pocket door, to give it another name. Either of these choices won't take up any swinging space, and they can both also be very stylish.

With pocket doors in particular, however, you need to be very careful about the hardware you choose. Anything too heavy will shorten the life of your door and may well give you operating problems. Make sure the hardware is easy to operate, particularly if you have children in the house.

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