Bathroom Fans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom fans are often not discussed as an important part of a remodel project, but they are very important to the overall condition of the room. Without an exhaust fan, the humidity will build in the room. Continued high humidity is an outbreak of mold waiting to happen. When walls, floors, and tub or shower linings stay damp, mold is inevitable. Removing the moisture is simply a matter of using the exhaust fan while the shower is running or while filling the tub for a warm soak.

Bathroom fans also remove odors and air-borne germs from the area. Different types of fans are used. Some fans have impeller blades while others are more like blower fans. There are homes designed with one central exhaust system for the entire house. The exhaust exit is connected by ducts from the various areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen.

Quiet Bathroom Fans

The latest bathroom fans offer quiet ventilation and energy efficiency. Choose a fan with replaceable parts that never need lubricating. There is a Home Ventilation Institution rating on fans for comparing noise level and energy efficiency. Check for fan exhaust capacity. A low-quality fan will most likely not remove enough air and it will have a high noise level. Look for fans with sound ratings at or below 0.5 sones.

Fans should be on an independent switch. If they are wired to be on and off with the light, there will be times that they are not on long enough to remove the moisture from the air. They can be put on a switch with a timer where you can preset the time to run to clear the air of all humidity and odor.

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