Bathroom Faucets

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom faucets are created to do so much more than carry water. The designs add elegance to any bathroom décor. If you are replacing an old or leaking faucet, you may be surprised at the many choices that are available. You must know some things before you purchase a new faucet.

You should check the selection of bathroom faucets carefully to make sure the one you like is compatible with your sink. It should require the same number of holes that you have in the original setting. Some faucet types are single hole faucets. This type consists of a one-piece unit containing the handle and spout. Another type is a four-inch centered faucet. This is either a one-piece unit or a combination of the spout and a two-handled faucet on the same body.

Varieties of Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets with separate handles and spout require drillings from eight inches to 16 inches widespread. Wall-mounted faucets are great for sinks that do not have holes for setting the fixtures. This requires additional equipment for the valve and drain to be completed. Knowing your faucet type will narrow your search for the perfect fixture.

The spout length is also important to consider. The spout should have plenty of reach out over the sink or tub. Bathtub faucets should always be easy to reach from outside the tub, whirlpool, or shower. Consider the ease of use when purchasing a faucet. The lever handles are easy to use by children or anyone with physical handicaps. Finally, matching the finishes of all components such as traps, drains, and toiletry supplies will complement the décor.

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