Bathroom Fixtures

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The fact that bathroom fixtures are becoming a major sector of the home furnishings and decorating business indicates to what extent we all consider the bathroom an important place to retreat to. In contrast to the functional places of several decades ago, even owners of quite modest homes are making an effort to create a blissful haven for themselves in the bathroom. There's such a wide and imaginative variety of bathroom fixtures now that anyone can create their dream, no matter how bold it is.

Whether you want a simple, Japanese Zen style retreat, or baroque or even if shades of Louis XIV, the Sun King, are more your style, you can find the perfect bathroom fixtures to indulge yourself. If you want to spend a lot, or a little, there is a splendid bathroom waiting for you that reflects your style and needs. Even the tiniest bathroom space can be given a new look, and made to feel special for you when you come home at the end of a long, hard day.

Creating a Mood with Bathroom Fixtures

If you like your bathroom atmosphere to be calm and soothing, the first rule to creating the mood you want is not to include too many colors. Monochromatic is absolutely the calmest way to use color. This is using many shades of the same color, and nothing else. The more color you have the more "active, or stimulating a scheme will be. You can choose colored bathroom fixtures to fit in with your color scheme, or you can opt for white, which will fit with most schemes in a calm way.

For those who like baroque, a hammered bronze pedestal basin with a scrollwork iron stand, for example, will likely be appealing. It's not difficult to team this with a W.C. and matching tiles for a soothing scheme. Alternatively, such bathroom fixtures can be toned with more lively wall covering (green and gold flock wallpaper, maybe) to create a totally different look. The look you create is truly only limited by your imagination.

For some, bathroom decor takes second place to the fixtures, which provide the main focus. Cutting edge bathroom fixtures include double-headed showers, steam showers and the like. We can now have a complete spa treatment center installed right in our own bathrooms. So whenever you feel like it you can pamper yourself, and steam away the stresses of everyday life.

Cutting Edge Bathroom Fixtures

We also have whirlpools, soaking tubs, bubblers and more in the way of luxury bathroom fixtures. Some designers, in an effort to incorporate alternative health principles into the daily soak, have even come up with a tub that will give you a color treatment session. Called chromotherapy, these tubs will allow you to pick the color that you feel would impart the most beneficial "vibrations" to enhance your health and mood.

Color is said to do this by balancing the body's own vibrations, thus balancing moods and even health conditions. Many of the world's most luxurious hotels subscribe to the theory that chromotherapy, or color therapy, can help people to relax, unwind and renew themselves, and chromotherapy baths now feature in some of their suites.

Whether you subscribe to the latest color theories or not, the point is we have at our disposal some pretty amazing bathroom fixtures, guaranteed to make us all feel like royalty. If, however you prefer a plain, soothing bathroom with no cutting edge technology other than plenty of hot water, a shower and a W.C., then that can easily be arranged too. Whatever the mind can conceive is yours for the taking at today's bathroom showrooms.

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