Bathroom Floor Replacement

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom floor replacement is no small task. The intensity of work depends on the condition of the floor to begin with and the type of flooring used as a replacement. If there is water damage from a leaking tub or faucet, the replacement of the floor base is the first thing that must be done. The toilet has to come out before any replacement work can begin. If there is any trim around the existing floor, it must be removed.

Ceramic tile is one of the types of bathroom floor replacement materials to consider. It is durable and very easy to clean. The one down side of ceramic tile is the possibility that something heavy dropped on it could chip the tile. If you do choose ceramic tile, it is a good idea to retain a supply of extras just in case of damage. It is always best to replace the tile with an identical piece from the same box.

Types of Bathroom Floor Replacement

Another type of bathroom floor replacement many prefer is laminate flooring. The designs look like wood or stone. There are many patterns to consider. It is easy to clean and does not require special treatment. This flooring gives the appearance of a much more expensive floor without the high cost. Why pay for a wood floor when you can have one that looks like a wood floor but comes without the expensive upkeep for the real thing?

The most economical is the vinyl flooring. These are simple to install. The most difficult part is preparing the undersurface to take the vinyl. The measurements and cutting of the vinyl can be difficult if you have a lot of corners and angles from the cabinetry or other furnishings that cannot be removed for installation. Before you begin, make sure you understand every step necessary to install the flooring of your choice.

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