Bathroom Light Fixtures

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom light fixtures provide many options for any bathroom decor. A room with proper lighting is essential for applying makeup, styling hair, and other routine dressing activities. Lighting may be in the form of strip or track lighting or it may be individual light fixtures. Each one has a purpose and a place in the bathroom.

For those times when a relaxing soak in the tub is in order, bathroom light fixtures that can be dimmed are great. As the body relaxes, so can the mind and spirit. Delicately designed glass covers provide just the right amount of lighting. These designs can be single units that are wall mounted or they may be recessed lighting.

Choices of Bathroom Light Fixtures

The location of bathroom light fixtures must be determined in relation to the electrical outlets. If lighting is being replaced, it is just a matter of attaching to existing wiring. If a new fixture is being installed, a clean route to the power source must be available. The bathroom is one of the more difficult areas to manage the electrical source since a big portion of the wall space is often consumed by the tub and shower area.

Maximum lighting is best obtained by using a long strip lighting fixture. This spreads the light out across a wider portion of the room than single lights do. Light dispersion is affected by the direction of the light. Light can be reflected off a bright ceiling and provide soft, even lighting. It can be directed down and reflect off the various fixtures and cabinetry.

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