Bathroom Lighting

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom lighting is one of the most neglected areas of forethought when it comes to designing and building a home. The emphasis is put on lighting in the living and kitchen areas, but often overlooked in the bathroom. This is unfortunate, since some of the most important work of the day occurs in the bathroom. This is where most individuals prepare to go out and meet the world.

Good bathroom lighting is essential for putting on makeup evenly. It is also necessary for shaving. The most effective bathroom lighting for illuminating the head and face is vanity or task lighting. Recessed fixtures cast shadows. Sconces or vertical lighting on both sides of the mirror spreads the light evenly for facial lighting. This may not be feasible if the mirror is very large or if there is no room on the sides of the mirror.

Bathroom Lighting Needs

Shower lighting is needed unless the stall door is clear or frosted glass. Even then, it may be necessary to place a recessed light above the shower for adequate lighting. This same type of lighting is often used over the toilet or tub. It is important to use a glass cover instead of plastic. The plastic will turn yellow over time with the heat of the bulb and the moisture in the air.

Natural bathroom lighting is always the best choice. Most bathrooms do not have adequate access for natural lighting. In that case, an excellent source is a ceiling light mounted in the center of the room with one of the bulbs that produce light as close to the rays of sunlight as possible. This will give an open effect to the atmosphere of the room. With a variety of lighting choices, you can end your day by dimming the lights, enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, and unwinding.

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