Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom remodeling tips can help you make the most out of the space and budget you have to work with. If your bathroom is too small and cramped, check out the surrounding space. Is there a linen closet or a few feet of a large bedroom that you could incorporate into the bathroom space? Just a space the size of a linen closet will add enough room for a tub instead of a shower, or more room when standing in front of the vanity.

Relocating the doorway is one of the many bathroom remodeling tips that can open up a lot of extra space in small bathrooms. If the sink and toilet can stay in the same location, it will cut costs for plumbing work. It is possible to renovate a bathroom with new floors, wall coverings, and vanity without moving any of the plumbing. If you are adding a tub in place of a shower, there will need to be some plumbing done to accommodate the change.

Bathroom Remodeling Creates a Whole New Look

Place the lighting where it is most effective. A large mirror over the sink and vanity will make the room feel larger even though it does not add real space. Plenty of lighting will also make it feel less confined. The type of lighting is as important as the amount. Avoid placement that will create shadows in the mirror area.

There are plenty of bathroom remodeling tips about color. Neutral tones combined with natural light will give the illusion of a more spacious room. Bold colors tend to close in the space. The countertop choice should complement the color scheme and not make a harsh break in the color.

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