Bathroom Shelves

Written by Norene Anderson
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You can never have too many bathroom shelves. Storage requirements in a bathroom seem to be endless. There are towels, cleaning supplies, makeup, hair treatments, medicines, gadgets, and innumerable other items needing a place to exist. It is not just enough to have shelves. You need shelves designed in a way that they can be organized and hidden if necessary.

Corner glass shelves make an excellent place for decorative items or a scented candle. Some bathroom shelves are made out of brass. These are great for resisting moisture. Brass shelves serve two purposes by making an attractive display and holding rolled towels. For bathrooms limited in storage, this is a good plan.

Utilize Bathroom Shelves

Portable bathroom shelves are very popular. The styles available today add a touch of style to the room. A three- or four-tiered shelf can be placed over the toilet to provide extra storage for linens or toiletries. These can be free standing or they can be a floor-to-ceiling model. Many bathrooms do not have anything above the toilet and this is a perfect place to utilize the convenience of a portable shelf unit.

Some shelves for bathrooms are enclosed in the linen closet or vanity. These are an excellent location to hide the cleaning supplies out of sight and out of the reach of small children. All exposed shelves should be of a design that enhances the appearance of the bathroom. Many different qualities and styles are available. Utilize your space to the maximum and make it work for you with bathroom shelving designs.

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