Bathroom Tubs

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom tubs are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. If you are taking on the project of remodeling the bathroom, consider making a change from the ordinary tub to a tub with features such as extra depth for soaking. You can choose from tubs that are five to six feet in length and up to 48 inches in width. The design of soaking tubs can be standard or you can choose a corner or uniquely designed tub.

Jacuzzi tubs are made in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to fit in with any color scheme and décor. This is a great tub for ending your day with a relaxing soak for those tired muscles. The option to purchase a specially designed pillow will make your tub experience one that you will look forward to every day. There are also towel warmers available to let you wrap your relaxed muscles in warm paradise.

Bathroom Tubs to Consider

Bathroom tubs set the atmosphere of the room. The claw foot tub offers a unique appearance to the modern bathroom. This reproduction of a classic adds character to any setting. The claw foot tub is available with a shower enclosure and specially designed faucets to enhance the beauty of the fixture. A popular design is the 72-inch tub that is large enough for two people.

The built-in bathroom tubs with shower combination are probably in more homes than any other type of tub. This combines the choice of a soaking experience or a quick shower into one unit. These units can be a self-contained unit or the wall liner and plumbing for a shower can be added to an existing tub. Comfort and convenience are the two most important features of any bathroom fixture.

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