Bathroom Vanities

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom vanities can be custom made or prefabricated. The design selected is probably the most important choice in the bathroom remodeling process. If the vanity does not provide enough space for everything needed, it will lead to continual frustration. Always looking for a better place and arrangement of necessities is not the result you want after remodeling. Evaluate the functionality of the countertop in relation to design, sink location, and mirror usage.

The fixtures are important for complementing the appearance. Bathroom vanities should be matched with the rest of the fixtures. If a contemporary countertop design is chosen, the faucets, mirror frame and tub or shower treatments should complement the design. Some blended styles will work, but it takes someone with decorating expertise to bring it together. There are professionals with the expertise to coordinate any style.

Different Kinds of Bathroom Vanities

Some elegant bathroom vanities are made from material such as cultured marble. Others are designed from clear glass with an integral bowl. Tempered glass shelves complement the unique appearance of glass features. Chrome is another very popular accent for bathroom features. The vanity probably takes up the most space in the bathroom, but it takes on a beauty of its own when the accessories are right.

Professionals in the decorating business have bathroom remodeling ideas from extreme to subdued. More people are realizing the importance of making the bathroom space as attractive as the rest of the house. Utilizing the room effectively will give space to relax in a whirlpool while listening to relaxing music piped in from the rest of the house. The vanity can hold a fresh bouquet of flowers to add life to the room.

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