Bathroom Walls

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bathroom walls can have a variety of finishes. Each type of wall covering adds a unique touch to the space. Tiling has become a very popular way to add style and decor to the bathroom. It is great for a change in appearance, but it is also great for protecting the walls from water damage. There are many things to know before attempting to do the work yourself.

The measurements must be exact to get enough tile. You must use a level to get the line height straight. The walls must be properly prepared and all holes patched. Unless you have a lot of time to devote to this project, it is probably best left to the experts to do the work. Professionals can help you design a pattern for your bathroom walls that will make the room just what you desire.

The Right Finish for Bathroom Walls

If tiling is not in your interest, perhaps some new wallpaper is the way to get a new look on your bathroom walls. Bathroom wallpaper is designed from water-resistant material. The color scheme of a bathroom is easy to enhance with all the choices in wallpaper patterns. Decorating with wallpaper and a border will give a completely different atmosphere from the tiled walls.

Painting is always a possibility. The paint should be some type of enamel to resist moisture and clean easily. Sponge-painted walls can have the appearance of wallpaper. The color combination is unlimited. Regardless of the type of wall covering, it is important to have an exhaust fan to remove the moisture during bathing or running the shower. This will help keep any surface clean.

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