Commercial Bathroom Design

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are new issues to bear in mind when pursuing commercial bathroom design. It is now legally required that any new public building have at least one bathroom facility for the handicapped. Public bathrooms must have minimum of one stall that is equipped for use by the handicapped. This is not as troublesome as might at first be imagined, and the handicapped stall can still be used easily by other people and is not particularly expensive to install.

The original issues of commercial bathroom design include durability, functionality and good looks. In addition, it really is essential that a commercial bathroom be easy to clean and maintain. The logistics of cleaning a commercial bathroom should be as straightforward as possible. This means that all components should be washable.

Commercial Bathroom Design Projects

The focus of commercial bathroom design varies according to the type of commercial establishment the bathroom is intended for. The project could be anything from a bathroom for a supermarket to a series of high class bathrooms for an exclusive hotel chain. The supermarket project would tend to be purely functional, even if it was for a whole chain of supermarkets, while the hotel project would have a very different emphasis.

It is true that commercial bathroom design for hotels would remain essentially commercial, meaning that everything must be highly functional and easy to maintain. You could, however, also find some of the latest and most exclusive bathroom features. This might include whirlpools, or even one of the new chromotherapy baths that uses color to soothe the mind, body and spirit. The idea would be to woo customers with luxury and imagination that they don't see every day.

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