Elkay Sink

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Elkay sink has been with us for a long time. Known for class, quality and resilience, Elkay has been making sinks for domestic and commercial use for nearly a century. Just the fact that Elkay sinks are favored for commercial use should give you confidence about using them for domestic use. Only the best is used in a commercial kitchen.

Stainless Steel and the Elkay Sink

The Elkay sink company recommends stainless steel as the perfect material for a kitchen sink. It is resilient, can be scrubbed, polished and bleached, and will even shrug off scratches with a little diligent application of a brillo pad. Stainless steel will not be ruined by typical tough kitchen work, and will not burn. Lots of sinks made from acrylic or other man made materials will not stand up nearly so well. For this reason, Elkay make their sinks from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel.

The Elkay sink, in the words of Elkay itself, "personifies elite." Looking at the models available this would definitely seem to be the case. The Elite Gourmet range of sinks personifies excellence in every way. Available in a wide range of configurations, you can have up to three bowls with this system. In addition there is a wide range of back splashes and front panels.

You can match any of the Elkay faucet range to an Elkay product, or you can choose to use another range. A full undersink cabinet is included with an Elite sink sale. Towel bars and tilt-out bins are just two accessories available with this Elkay sink.

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elkay sink

Elkay Sink is truly one of the most valuable things that we should get for our kitchen.