Franke Sink

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Franke sink has not just become a symbol of a kitchen with class, it is also the symbol of a fresh clean environment. Buying your kitchen sink from the Franke company will ensure that you get a product that is eminently suited to its purpose. Franke has married ergonomics with beautiful lines and quality materials to produce a range of sinks that is truly outstanding.

The company has created a Franke sink for every conceivable style of kitchen so that customers have the greatest possibility for creating an individual kitchen environment. A great attraction is the engineered precision evident in all Franke products. This Swiss artistry is appreciated by kitchen connoisseurs all over the world.

The Franke Sink and Stainless Steel

Although Franke sinks do seem to favor stainless steel for most of their sinks, there is also a wide range of choice of other materials so that you can still find a Franke sink in a material that you consider more suitable. You can have either overmounted, or drop in sinks, and undermounted sinks to match whichever overall kitchen style you've chosen. Undermounted sinks are eminently suited to modern designs.

You can buy a Franke sink as part of a total Franke kitchen system if that's what you want, or you can just buy a sink by itself. The range includes faucets, hobs and cooker hoods of every kind. In addition to kitchen sinks, Franke make models suitable for laundry rooms and bars and other areas of your home or business.

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