Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Jacuzzi was the original whirlpool bath. Invented by the Jacuzzi brothers from Italy in 1968, the idea was an immediate hit. This new way of bathing caught on like crazy, as it seems everyone was more than ready for a touch of spa treatment in their very own bathrooms. Before long, anyone of prominence had one at home.

Since then, the idea has grown and developed a good deal. Many other companies have started to manufacture whirlpool baths. Luxurious treatments that we can enjoy at home have continued to be added to the repertoire. We now have steam showers that can deliver any number of spa treatments, and a whole range of different whirlpool options.

Jacuzzi Developments

Now there are air jet whirlpools, as well as water jets. In addition there are special treatments that you can get with your whirlpool, such as chromotherapy. This technique uses color to treat the body and soul. It is an alternative medicine concept, and has been picked up by Kohler, a leading manufacturer of whirlpool tubs. Despite the innovations of Kohler, and other leading manufacturers of whirlpool tubs, Jacuzzi remains a leader in the field.

Today, the Jacuzzi brand doesn't just include whirlpools and jetted baths for indoors and out, but also a wide range of luxury shower systems, lavatories and toilets. All their product lines incorporate quality with the renowned Jacuzzi flair. Jacuzzi is proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with in terms of quality and innovation of design in the world of home spa products.

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