Kitchen Counter Tops

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kitchen countertops are available in many colors, materials, and designs. The days of choosing only between plastic laminate and ceramic tile are past. Technology has come through in the plastics industry just like every other industry. There are stone cutting techniques that produce beautiful countertops. The color designs to consider will complement any decor.

Kitchen countertops made of plastic laminate remains the lowest in price of all countertop material. This type of countertop is constructed of a wood product covered with a thin plastic sheet. The plastic sheet comes in hundreds of patterns and colors. Some look identical to wood-grain cabinetry. Others look like granite or marble. The edges are detailed to fit the contour of any cabinet style.

Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Other kitchen countertops are made from ceramic tile. It is a durable countertop for a family lifestyle. The grout and tile colors available will match and complement whatever decor you are considering. While tile is very attractive and durable, it is not always the easiest to keep clean. Crumbs can easily get into the recessed grout lines. If liquid is spilled, it can discolor the grout. Ceramic tile countertops require special care to maintain the beauty.

One of the most durable of all countertops is granite. It is basically indestructible and offers a wide range of patterns. The downside is the price. For many, the beauty and durability make it worth the investment. With so many kinds of countertops, the choice is simply a matter of which feature is a priority.

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