Kitchen Faucets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There was a time when kitchen faucets were just that: the faucet at the kitchen sink. Now though, often this piece of hardware has to do double, or even triple duty. Many types of kitchen faucet now have some kind of brush or spray attachment to make washing dishes and pans even easier. They can even be used for more efficient washing of fruit and vegetables.

This nifty little facility also makes it a cinch to wash around the sink quickly, thoroughly and without splashing water everywhere. In addition, you can get kitchen faucets that will also accommodate your filtered water with the flick of a lever. Some people opt to use a special faucet for this though, often situated at the edge of the sink.

The Kitchen Faucets Market

The market for kitchen faucets has grown considerably to include the many different decorating styles favored by home owners now. From shiny, angular and modern, to period, and even rustic, there's something for every taste. Whereas for a while all faucets were mounted on the sink, there are now many lines that are intended to be wall mounted, or mounted into the work surface.

The rustic wall mounted kitchen faucets of times gone by are now reappearing everywhere to match the butler's sinks that many people now favor instead of the traditional stainless steal dual bowl. They are, however, closely matched in popularity by the sleek chrome look of the faucet for the modern kitchen. In between are literally dozens of period and theme looks for the once humble kitchen faucet.

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