Kitchen Flooring

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kitchen flooring is a major consideration when undertaking a remodeling project. There are so many options to consider. It is important to choose a floor covering that is complementary to the cabinetry and that is durable. It should also be practical for the lifestyle of your family. It needs to stand up to heavy traffic and spills that will happen in a busy kitchen.

Natural wood appearance is something to think about in kitchen flooring. You can choose either genuine hardwood or easy to care for laminate. The wood look is very popular. It adds a feeling of warmth to the atmosphere and is also very durable. The pre-finished veneer is usually less expensive than the hardwood. The look is very similar. It is really only a matter of preference for the homeowner. Either one will give a clean, durable surface for many years.

Add Warmth with Kitchen Flooring

Stone flooring is a type of kitchen flooring that is becoming the rage among homeowners. There are several types of stone including slate, marble, travertine, or granite. The softest of these is marble. It will scratch more easily than the other stone types. In contrast, the granite tile is among the most durable in the line of tile. It is a good idea to use dark grout if you choose a stone floor. It does not show stains as easily as the light colors of grout.

Vinyl laminate is the flooring of choice by many on a limited budget. It gives you the most floor covering for the least amount of money. However, it has the shortest life span when compared to the stone or wood flooring. It can chip easily if something heavy or sharp is dropped on it. The long-term wear, budget, and lifestyle are all important areas to consider before replacing your kitchen floor.

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