Kitchen Tiles

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kitchen tiles come in an exciting variety of designs. If you are looking for a way to dress up your kitchen walls or just to add some spice and excitement to a dull finish, check out tiles. You can find sets that create a tile mural on the wall and tiles that simply add color or a pattern. These can be used as a backsplash or they can create atmosphere with a border.

The application of kitchen tiles is very important to the longevity of use. The surface must be clean, smooth, and dry for the substance to stick tightly. Ceramic tiles are the most popular because they are easy to work with and are cost effective. It is easy to replace ceramic tile if it should become damaged.

Design with Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles also make great countertops. If tile is used in this way, it should be flat tile in order to provide a surface to work on. There is a possibility that excessive weight or pressure could crack some tile. This needs to be a consideration if tile is the countertop of choice. It has the great advantage of handling heat quite well. It is not as likely to scorch or discolor from exposure to hot pans like some other material will do.

Kitchen tiles resist water and that is one reason to use them for backsplash decor. They can complement your accessories while providing protection for the wall and countertop. Some tiles are triangular in shape to add a variety of color splash. You can mix colors together to make up the square or you can design a decorative pattern with alternating colors. Creativity is your only requirement for a unique kitchen design.

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