Kitchen Wallpaper

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kitchen wallpaper change is a sure way to give any kitchen a new personality. If you are tired of plain walls or the wallpaper you have had for years, take time to explore the hundreds of patterns and designs that are available. Fads come and go and it is easy to stay with the latest just by changing the wall decor. If you are a collector of birdhouses, you can find wallpaper for your kitchen to complement your collection.

Some people collect baskets and have them hanging all around the kitchen. There is no better way to highlight your hobby than to surround them with a border of baskets embellished with flowers. There are designs in every color of flowers and basket combinations that you can imagine. While some collect baskets, others like to display all kinds of old bottles. There are borders designed with a variety of bottles as the motif.

Kitchen Wallpaper Makes the Room

Kitchen wallpaper choice says a lot about the personality of the designer. Some decorators choose elegant designs while others choose bold. Some decorators prefer designs that represent nature and others prefer the delicate touch. Design choices vary from grapes to tea pots, from swans to roosters, from vegetables to rabbits, with being simply a textured neutral.

If you prefer kitchen wallpaper to cover the entire wall, many designs are available. You can choose a subtle design with a complementary border, or you can go bold. If you have a kitchen with a lot of natural light, a bold pattern is fine. If the lighting is not great, a bold pattern may give a feeling of being closed in. Choose your pattern and color to complement the kitchen environment.

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