Kohler Toilet

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For the name and the quality you'll be getting, you may be surprised that you can find several Kohler toilet models to suit even quite modest budgets. True they cater to the extravagant investment too, but no need to break the bank if you've set your heart on Kohler. Many of the models come with a matching bidet, but there are many styles that are designed to stand alone.

The Kohler toilet will either astound you for its artistic flair, or for its "less is more" simplicity. There is too, of course, the outstanding performance and architectural functionality that we've come to expect from Kohler. Whatever your style, Kohler is built to impress.

Comfort with a Kohler Toilet

A point you'll come to love though, is the exceptional comfort you get with a Kohler toilet. One of the ways they achieve this is by creating their toilets at standards seat height. For many, a low toilet is not comfortable. Both one piece and two piece toilets are available to suit everyone. Well designed hardware is another important feature of comfort.

For Kohler, looks just aren't enough. So they've created a range of precision engineered flushing systems. These are everything the name suggests. Perfection every time. Amazing how a product that is considered water-conserving can create this kind of flush. If this kind of dependability is important to you, you'll seek out Kohler toilets for your bathrooms.

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