Laminate Cabinets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Laminates have been used extensively in homes all over the world for over 50 years, so we are all well aware of their durability and versatility. It can be something of a gamble to buy a newer material that hasn't yet been tried, particularly for use in the kitchen or bathroom where conditions are at their most punishing for decorating materials.

Laminate cabinets have proved themselves superior even to wood in terms of resistance to damp and mold, and even heat. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that laminate cabinets have over wood though, is there supreme ease of maintenance. A damp cloth is all you'll ever need to successfully clean laminates. Splashes, finger marks and smears come off with no trouble at all, whereas with wood the process may be a lot lengthier.

Advantages of Laminate Cabinets

In addition, laminate cabinets keep their good looks for years without needing any attention. Wood needs resurfacing or revarnishing from time-to-time, and in an environment where there's lots of steam and water, such as the bathroom, wood tends to lose its looks very quickly. What's more, steam can cause wood to warp and split, which cannot happen with laminates because they are totally waterproof.

One tip here though. If you're particularly keen on achieving a blemish-free interior, you might want to avoid the high gloss laminate cabinets. True thought it is that they're easy to clean, you may get tired of wiping finger marks off of surfaces where they show so much. High gloss anything tends to be high maintenance too, so stick to the kind of laminates that won't have you constantly running for a duster!

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