Laminate Counters

Written by Adriana Umana
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For anyone looking for a practical, relatively inexpensive option for bathroom or kitchen, laminate counters can be the answer. Plastic laminate is also referred to as Formica, a brand name, but it is all basically the same thing, notwithstanding quality. Now, you can get laminates in an unbelievable array of colors and finishes, to suit any decorating style you have in mind.

Although cheap laminate is probably not a good option, quality laminates can give years of excellent wear. In addition to the color and size of laminate counters you want to install, you will need to consider the edge treatment you're going to use. You can get some really fancy edge treatments for laminate counters, the least expensive of these options being the self edge.

Edges for Laminate Counters

There are beveled wood edges and rounded edges, and all kinds of decorative edges that while they look great, will raise the overall cost of installing laminate counters. Whatever you choose, make sure your edging is of good quality and applied properly so that it doesn't form a weak point that may let in moisture and cause your countertop to warp. It's worth inspecting your laminate counter edges from time to time too, as this is the first place that damage usually occurs.

If you're interested in laminate counters that will last, avoid the post formed kind as they're more susceptible to damage from water and heat. The newest innovation in laminate countertops is the combination of laminates and solid surfaces for a really up-to-the-minute look. This new system uses laminates for the countertop and solid surface material for the edging, providing a much more durable solution.

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