Written by Adriana Umana
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Architectural paneling is one of the easiest ways of all to add real style and atmosphere to your bathroom, or any other room for that matter. Unfortunately, though, this wonderful decorating resource is often overlooked for bathrooms and restrooms, even though it is for many, the perfect answer. There is no quicker way to achieve a transformation, and paneling can be found or adapted to match any design scheme.

Practical Paneling

If you have uneven wall surfaces, paneling will make short work of them indeed. A small room can be made to look larger by dividing the wall in two, effectively. Again, paneling is so much more effective than tiles in this regard. You could even have paneling down below with tiles on top for a novel scheme.

Just a few of the design themes that can be stylishly and quickly achieved with good wall paneling are Victorian or Caribbean effects. You could even go for a ship or maritime interior, or a beach house. Go for color schemes that will compliment the effect, such as white paneling and a blue and white color scheme for the beach house, for example. Pretty dusky pinks and browns would compliment a Victorian scheme charmingly.

A nice touch for any of these themes is to add a narrow shelf to the top of your paneled walls so that you have a place for decorative accents and toiletries. Using wood paneling in a bathroom does call for some special precautions though. Make sure your wood is properly seasoned and sealed to avoid warping and splitting from the inevitable damp. Don't forget to use a washable finish for your paneling too, to make sure it looks good for a long time to come.

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