Written by Patricia Skinner
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Apart from their obviously practical nature, restrooms offer a special opportunity to wow your family and guests with your decorating expertise and imagination. The challenges are often to make a tiny space welcome, practical and inviting. With a bit of thought it's not difficult at all.

Special Effects for Restrooms

First, give some thought to the look you're trying to create and the kind of fixtures you're interested in using. For the walls you have the choice of tiles, laminate, paint or wallcovering. Are you going for a cozy effect? Or something elegant and tranquil? Will your toilet and hand basin be of cast iron, china, glass, or even stainless steel? Are you going for a modern or traditional effect? Are you interested in creating a special theme as has become popular in restrooms?

Much of the effect you'll create will be enhanced or otherwise by the lighting you choose. Remember that if you keep the level of lighting lower (around the vanity for example) you'll achieve a softer, more flattering effect. Try and avoid harsh overhead lighting as this often spoils otherwise good effects in restrooms.

One last word on restrooms; ventilation of some sort is essential. Getting a good fan is always an investment that will keep the atmosphere in your restroom pleasant at all times. If there is a window in the room, remember that it's probably a good idea to have the fan and the lighting on separate switches. A timer for your fan will allow it to stay on after you leave the restroom which is a practicality.

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