Written by Patricia Skinner
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Rohl produces a wide range of bathroom and kitchen fixtures in various different collections that reflect different tastes and budgets. Whether you go for grand Edwardian or rustic Tuscan, Rohl have just the look you're after. Rohl doesn't just give you great style though. This company makes use of the latest design materials to give you unbeatable looks and performance.

Some of their baths, for example, are made from Marbrex which is a material so tough and hardwearing that it will give better service than even cast iron. Having said that, if you're determined to find a bathroom range that uses traditional materials you also need to look at Rohl collections. Along with the modern, this company still takes pride in using quality materials such as porcelain and brass.

Rohl Kitchens

Rohl kitchen products are also in a class of their own. While function and durability are their main concerns, you will still find that all their products have plenty of style and panache for even the most elegant setting. With a range of traditional sinks, called Shaws Original, you'll even find just the thing for your rustic kitchen look. These fireclay sinks are made in the same way that they've been made for over 100 years, by hand in a London factory.

Rohl produces a range of kitchen faucets to match any style of kitchen too. There are even several decorative faucets for filtered water. This is a rare find for those who hate the fact that the filtered water usually comes out of a faucet that's not really in keeping with the rest of the kitchen.

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