Slat Walls

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Slat walls, of the same type you might see in a shop or commercial building, are perfect for use in bathrooms. Not only does slat walling look neat and tidy, but it will provide a spot for hanging whatever you want, just where you need it. Slat walls come in a huge range of prefinished colors that will suit any scheme you have in mind. With choices of laminate and paint grade, there's a choice to fit every budget too.

Metal inserts can make slat walls look even more stylish, as well as strengthen them. If you already have slat walling you cannot install the metal inserts yourself, as the grooves must be cut a little wider to accommodate the slats. This means that they must be installed at the factory. If weight is a factor, then remember that metal inserts will probably add to weight. A standard slat wall panel of eight by four will weigh about 80 pounds.

Installing Slat Walls

Slat walls are installed over ordinary plaster or dry wall onto metal or wooden studs. Remember that the strength of the walls may be a factor if you are hanging anything heavy on your slat wall panels. If in any doubt at all, consult an expert.

To avoid "chip out," make sure you cut to size using a blade that enters the groove side of the panel. Again, if you are in any doubt about your own abilities and experience to do this, ask someone with experience, or a professional to help you. A little expense at the stage of installation will ensure that you are happy with the result of your slat walls.

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